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Copper serif traditional style floating number 4"/100mm high polished, hammered, brushed or patinated in Garamond tx

Please choose from buttons (either layout will do for single character) Layout sheet is a prepared paper with markings for the hole positions for the wall/surface. Horizontal is left-right, vertical is up-down. Leave quantity at 1 unless you require multiple sets

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Materials Copper

Marine Lacquered Copper sheet - except patinated, virgin resin board offcut, screws, wall plugs, copper collars, standoff fittings, layout sheet, instructions

Copper traditional style floating numbers 1 - 5 numbers in 4"/100 mm high Garamond font made from eco friendly eco friendly materials. A choice of finishes - polished, brushed, hammered and lacquered copper and patinated copper glued to black Trespa cladding virgin offcuts. Invisible fixing with a 15mm/5/8" standoff from the wall or wood with copper sheathed sign locators.

Sign tape is a strong double sided tape for sticking numbers direct to a clean surface e.g. coated wood or metal - this is ideal for mailboxes

65 in polished finish

35 in patinated copper - there maybe some colour variation across numbers
28 in 4” hammered Garamond version
Garamond full set

Please do not expect a 'jewelry quality' finish on our polished metal signage - we aim for a reflective surface as would be expected on a wall sign so some minor marks may be seen close up.Image notes - What you see in the images of polished metal is a reflection of surroundings e.g. so some in sunlight/trees/ some in shade. There are no effects on the metal itself.Polished copper reflects light of course so car and street lamps will reveal your house number without illumination and electricity - an eco option ?

I have been making signage for over 11 years now with many satisfied clients worldwide. If you have an idea or design that you need to develop. I have a fully equipped workshop - wood and metal and over 40 years experience as a creative.